But good servants work at it.

Some of you are Into the Fields in order to become catechists, or better catechists. Others are here just because you wish to deepen your understanding of the faith. All are equally good reasons to be here. No matter where God sends us, we are, first and foremost, His servants.

Matthew Warner, a columnist with the National Catholic Register, links to a video by Pope Benedict XVI on the papal plane during his visit to the United Kingdom. You can see it here. Matthew Warner’s reflection on this off-the-cuff statement by the Holy Father are worthy of our consideration:

“Our goals should not be more power and more people, but instead to be at the service of Another – to be servants. But good servants work at it. Good servants are as prepared, educated, efficient and effective as they can possibly be. We can’t claim to be good servants if we don’t invest time in being good at it. It is all tied up together. That means learning from each other, taking risks with new and better ideas, breaking conventions, overcoming fears and doing things that serve others instead of ourselves.


We don’t need to focus on making the Church attractive. We just need to focus on more effectively presenting Jesus Christ to the world. He is the most attractive thing there is.”

If you want to read more of Matthew’s thoughts, you may find them at his blog.

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Let’s go Into the Fields

We have a blog now, folks! I don’t know quite yet how we will use this but we are off and going…somewhere. Maybe into the fields?

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