Follow up links to Session Five

We talked much about learning styles during our session on November 20. Here are a few links that you might wish to check for further information. For information on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences click here. To view a multiple intelligences mind map go here.

Thanks to Susan, here are two links on Lev Vygotsky:

Vygotsky’s Social Learning Theory

Vygotsky and Social Cognition

Here is a summary of him and his work, courtesy of Susan:

Regarding the learning theorist I referred to yesterday, his name was Lev Vygotsky, and his research was done in Russia. As I recall, a lot of his work was suppressed as he was Jewish and also because his work was interpreted as anti communist regime. At any rate, I found much of it to be very useful, particularly the idea of the zone of proximal development. He also focused on the role of language in the development of cognition. The bulk of his research was in the mid 20s to mid 30s. The volume of his work is impressive considering he died at 37.


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This blog is a group project of some 30 adult learners at St. John Fisher Parish. They are on an 18 month journey together. Some just want to grow in their understanding of Catholicism. Others feel called to be catechists and are here to learn how to do that better.
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