It is not too late: Advent Reflections

Here is the link Susan mentioned in class yesterday. Week 2 especially applies to our theme of being a contemplative in action. You may find it here.

Msgr. Zak spoke of the O Antiphons. There are many youtube videos with music and video settings of these lovely passages from Vespers, December 17-24. You should recognize the words–the O Antiphons are part of the verses of the Advent Standard: “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.” Here is a sampling. You may find more on your own.

This first one gives an overview of the O Antiphons, particularly from the perspective of Catholic Social Teaching (which I thought was very appropriate after yesterday’s class!):

Here is a representation of the O Antiphons by St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Sydney, Australia:

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Session Six: Divine Revelation and Sacred Scripture

We covered lots of ground last Saturday. There are many, many good scripture resources online. As you begin to work with your homework, here are some suggestions:

New American Bible Online at the USCCB

Ten Tips for Fruitful Reading of Sacred Scripture

You may find the Holy Father’s post-synodal apostolic exhortation, Verbum Domini here.

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Advent is Upon Us!

Looking for something new for Advent? Check these out (a hat tip to Susan!):

We would not be a proper Into the Fields site without Advent Ignatian-style.

This one takes a while to load, thanks to the Sisters of the Holy Child, but is worth the wait.

This YouTube video is one from last year that is just as good  as last year:

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Follow up links to Session Five

We talked much about learning styles during our session on November 20. Here are a few links that you might wish to check for further information. For information on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences click here. To view a multiple intelligences mind map go here.

Thanks to Susan, here are two links on Lev Vygotsky:

Vygotsky’s Social Learning Theory

Vygotsky and Social Cognition

Here is a summary of him and his work, courtesy of Susan:

Regarding the learning theorist I referred to yesterday, his name was Lev Vygotsky, and his research was done in Russia. As I recall, a lot of his work was suppressed as he was Jewish and also because his work was interpreted as anti communist regime. At any rate, I found much of it to be very useful, particularly the idea of the zone of proximal development. He also focused on the role of language in the development of cognition. The bulk of his research was in the mid 20s to mid 30s. The volume of his work is impressive considering he died at 37.

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Session 5: In Whom do you believe?

Thank you all for your patience with our arrangements last Saturday. The Fireside Room was cozy–and we will be back there again. In the interim, we will try the auditorium with a different table arrangement. We will try a u-shape, so everyone can see on another. Let us know how it works!

Your homework has two options. One is to evaluate the lesson plant handout–how does it meet the needs of a diverse group of learners? Do you have some suggestions to make it better? Second option is to view the documentary, “The Calling”, Tuesday, November 30 at 8 pm at the Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro. Then write a one-page paper on what faith development stage did you see in each of the young people studying for the ministry in their respective faith traditions. I hope to see some of you there!

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Session 4: November 6

Tomorrow we tackle liturgy. We will be in our usual spot, the Auditorium, beginning at 9 am.
Our Ignatian exercise centers of the beauty of God. If you have a moment before class, I encourage you to read this letter to artists from the Late John Paul II. If not, you may want to read and reflect upon it before our next class: John Paul II Letter to Artists

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Ignatian Prayer and Spirituality

We begin each session with an adapted version of a spiritual exercise developed by St. Ignatius. Today I added a new links category in the right column: Ignatian Prayer and Spirituality. I started the category with some links. I invite you to add your favorite links in the comments.
Thank you, Susan M., for the endorsement of the Daily Examen. If you go to that link, you will find an excellent article, “Rummaging for God…,” by Fr. Dennis Hamm, SJ.

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